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PuckTV saves you money

Save $1000 or more a year on your Cable TV cost

  • 500 + Channels (including local)
  • Sports Channels & PPV
  • Pay as you go! Month to month service
  • No long term commitment
  • Customer Support
  • Setup a free 24 hour trial account to check our service quality and stability before you subscribe to our Service

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Live Channels

[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][et_pb_row _builder_version=”3.0.98″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” module_alignment=”center”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.0.47″ parallax=”off” parallax_method=”on”][et_pb_tabs active_tab_background_color=”#e0ab18″ inactive_tab_background_color=”#ebeaea” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”|600|||||||” tab_font_size=”16″][et_pb_tab title=”CLICK TABS TO VIEW CHANNEL LISTS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″][/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”USA CHANNELS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]ABC (Local) CBS (Local) FOX (Local) NBC (Local) CW (Local) A&E HD Adult Swim HD AHC HD AMC HD AXS TV HD Animal Planet HD BBC America HD BET HD BET Her Bounce TV Bravo HD Buzzr CMTV Music CMT HD Cooking Channel HD Cozi HD Comedy Central HD CRIME & INVESTIGATION HD Destination America HD Discovery HD Discovery Family HD Discovery Science HD DIY HD Dog TV El Rey Network HD E! Entertainment HD Food Network HD FreeForm HD Fuse HD Fusion HD FX HD FXM Retro HD FXX HD FYI HD Game Show Network HD GameToon HD (Gaming) GINXE Sports (Gaming Channel) GSN HD Hallmark HD Hallmark Drama HD Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD HGTV HD History Channel HD H2 ID HD IFC HD ION HD INSP Network HD Lifetime HD Lifetime Movies MAV TV HD MSNBC HD MGM HD MTV HD MTV Live HD MTV 2 Nat Geo HD Nat Geo Wild HD Outdoor Channel HD Outside TV HD OWN HD Oxygen HD Paramount Network HD People TV HD POP HD QVC Reelz HD Revolt HD RT News HD Smithsonian Channel HD Spike HD Sundance HD SYFY HD The Weather Channel HD TBS HD TCM HD TLC HD TNT HD TRT World FHD TruTV Hd East Travel Channel HD TV Land HD TV ONE Universal HD USA Network HD VELOCITY HD VH1 HD Viceland HD WE HD Westerns 4U TV World Fishing Network HD ABC NEWS HD AFRICA NEWS NETWORK Al Jazeera English Bloomberg HD C-PAC C-SPAN 1 HD C-SPAN 2 HD C-SPAN 3 HD CBS NEWS CNBC HD CNBC WORLD CNN HD Fox News HD Fox Business Network HD HLN HD Boomerang Disney Channel HD Disney XD HD Disney Jr HD Cartoon Network HD Nickelodeon HD Nick Jr. HD Nicktoons HD Universal Kids (sprout) ACCTV Catholic TV HD CBN Daystar TV EWTN Catholic TBN HD The Word Network [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”PREMIUM MOVIES” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]

Cinemax 5 Star Max HD Cinemax East HD Cinemax Actionmax HD Cinemax Moremax HD Cinemax MovieMax HD Cinemax OuterMax FHD Cinemax Thrillermax HD EPIX HD EPIX2 HD HBO HD HBO 2 HD HBO Comedy HD HBO Family HD HBO Signature HD HBO Zone HD RetroPlex HD Showtime East HD Showtime 2 HD Showtime Extreme HD Showtime Next HD Showtime Showcase HD Sony Movies HD Starz East HD Starz Black HD Starz Cinema HD Starz Comedy East HD Starz Kids & Family HD Starz Encore Action Starz Encore Comedy HD Starz Encore Edge HD Starz Encore Suspense HD Starz Encore Westerns UK: SKY Movies Action HD UK: Sky Movies Animation HD UK: Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller HD UK: Sky Cinema Family HD UK: Sky Movies Comedy HD UK: Sky Movies Disney HD UK: SKY Movies Drama & Romance UK: Sky Movies Hits HD UK:Sky Movies Modern Greats HD UK: Sky Movies Oscars HD UK: SKY Movies Premier HD UK: Sky Movies Sci-Fi and Horror HD UK: SKY Movies Select HD UK: Sky Movies Showcase UK: Sky Movies Thriller HD UK: Sky Witness HD

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”MUSIC CHOICE VIDEOS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]

MC: 90’S MC: Brits Hits MC: Dance/EDM MC: Hip-Hop And R&B MC: Hit List MC: Indie MC: Kidz Only! MC: Mexicana MC: Musica Urbana MC: Pop & Country MC: Pop Hits MC: Pop Latino MC: R&B Soul MC: Rap MC: Rap 2K MC: Rock MC: Teen Beats MC: Throwback Jamz MC: Today’s Country MC: Toddler Tunes MC: Tropicales

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”SPORTS CHANNELS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]Big Ten Network HD BEIN Sports USA CBS Sports Network HD CSN Philly HD Eleven Sports Network HD ESPN HD ESPN News HD ESPN 2 HD ESPN U HD ESPN Goal Line HD Fight Network HD Fight Box FIGHT Channel HD Fox Soccer Plus HD. Fox Sports 1 HD Fox Sports 2 HD Fox Sports Prime Ticket 1 HD Freesports LIVE MOTOR SPORT MSG Plus HD MSG 2 Plus HD MSG Network HD MSG 2 Network HD NBC Golf HD NBC SN HD NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus HD OSN Cricket PAC-12 Bay Area PAC- National PAC-12 Moutain PAC-12 Los Angeles PAC-12 Arizona PAC-12 Oregon PAC-12 Washington Sec Network HD Sportsman Channel HD Tennis Channel HD WWE HD SPORTS NET ONE HD SPORTS NET WORLD HD SPORTS NET 360 HD TSN HD 1 TSN HD 2 TSN HD 3 TSN HD 4 TSN HD 5 USA:ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA 3 HD USA:ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA 4 HD USA:ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA 5 HD USA:ESPN COLLEGE EXTRA 6 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 01 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 02 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 03 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 04 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 05 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 06 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 07 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 08 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 09 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 10 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 11 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 12 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 13 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 14 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 15 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 16 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 17 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 18 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 19 HD US:: ESPN PLUS 20 HD NCAAB 1: NCAAB 2 NCAAB 3 NCAAB 4 NCAAB 5 NCAAB 6 NCAAB 7 NCAAB 8 NCAAB 9 NCAAB 10 NCAAB 11 NCAAB 12 NCAAB 13 NCAAB 14 NCAAB 15 NCAAB 16 NCAAB 17 NCAAB 18 NCAAB 19 NCAAB 20 NCAAB 21 NCAAB 22 NCAAB 23 NCAAB 24 NCAAB 25 [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”MLB EXTRA INNINGS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]MLB Network HD US: MLB Network HD. US: MLB STRIKEZONE Tue & Thursdays US: MLB ARIZONA US: MLB ATLANTA US: MLB BALTIMORE US: MLB BOSTON US: MLB CHICAGO US: MLB CINCINNATI US: MLB CLEVELAND US: MLB COLORADO US: MLB CHICAGO WS US: MLB DETROIT US: MLB HOUSTON US: MLB KANSAS CITY US: MLB LA ANGELS US: MLB LAD US: MLB MIAMI US: MLB MILWAUKEE US: MLB MINNESOTA US: MLB NYM US: MLB NYY US: MLB OAKLAND US: MLB PHILADELPHIA US: MLB PITTSBURGH US: MLB SAN DIEGO US: MLB SAN FRANCISCO US: MLB SEATTLE US: MLB ST. LOUIS US: MLB TAMPA BAY US: MLB TEXAS US: MLB TORONTO US: MLB WASHINGTON US: MLB Extra Innings 01 US: MLB Extra Innings 02 US: MLB Extra Innings 03 US: MLB Extra Innings 04 US: MLB Extra Innings 05 US: MLB Extra Innings 06 US: MLB Extra Innings 07 US: MLB Extra Innings 08 US: MLB Extra Innings 09 US: MLB Extra Innings 10 US: MLB Extra Innings 11 US: MLB Extra Innings 12 US: MLB Extra Innings 13 US: MLB Extra Innings 14 US: MLB Extra Innings 15 US: MLB Extra Innings 16 US: MLB 1 US: MLB 2 US: MLB 3 US: MLB 4 US: MLB 5 US: MLB 6 US: MLB 7 [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”MLS SOCCER PASS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]

MLS 1: (LIVE) MLS 2: (LIVE) MLS 3: (LIVE) MLS 4: (LIVE) MLS 5: (LIVE) MLS 6: (LIVE) MLS 7: (LIVE) MLS 8: (LIVE) MLS 9: (LIVE) MLS 10: (LIVE) MLS 11: (LIVE) MLS 12: (LIVE) MLS 13: (LIVE) MLS 14: (LIVE) MLS 15: (LIVE)

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”NBA LEAGUE PASS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]

NBA TV HD NBA 1 HD (LIVE) NBA 2 HD (LIVE) NBA 3 HD (LIVE) NBA 4 HD (LIVE) NBA 5 HD (LIVE) NBA 6 HD (LIVE) NBA 7 HD (LIVE) NBA 8 HD (LIVE) NBA 9 HD (LIVE) NBA 10 HD (LIVE) NBA 11 HD (LIVE) NBA 12 HD (LIVE) US: NBA Atlanta Hawks US: NBA Boston Celtics US: NBA Brooklyn Nets US: NBA Celveland Caveliers US: NBA Charlotte Hornets US: NBA Chicago Bulls US: NBA Dallas Mavericks US: NBA Denver Nuggets US: NBA Detroit Pistons US: NBA Golden State Warriors US: NBA Houston Rockets US: NBA Indiana Pacers US: NBA Los Angeles Clippers US: NBA Los Angeles Lakers US: NBA Memphis Grizzlies US: NBA Miami Heat US: NBA Milwaukee Bucks US: NBA Minnesota Timberwolves US: NBA New Orleans Pelicans US: NBA New York Knicks US: NBA Oklahoma City Thunder US: NBA Orlando Magic US: NBA Philadehia 76ers US: NBA Phoenix Suns US: NBA Portland Trailblazers US: NBA Sacramento Kings US: NBA San Antonio Spurs US: NBA Toronto Raptors US: NBA Utah Jazz US: NBA Washington Wizards

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”NFL SUNDAY TICKET” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]NFL NOW HD FANTASY Network HD NFL Network HD NFL Redzone HD NFL GAME MIX NFL Sunday Ticket 1 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 2 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 3 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 4 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 5 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 6 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 7 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 8 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 9 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 10 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 11 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 12 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 13 HD Live NFL Sunday Ticket 14 HD Live NFL Ticket: Arizona Cardinals NFL Ticket: Atlanta Falcons NFL Ticket: Baltimore Ravens NFL Ticket: Buffalo Bills NFL Ticket: Carolina Panthers NFL Ticket: Chicago Bears NFL Ticket: Cincinnati Bengals NFL Ticket: Cleveland Browns NFL Ticket: Dallas Cowboys NFL Ticket: Denver Broncos NFL Ticket: Detroit Lions NFL Ticket: Green Bay Packers NFL Ticket: Houston Texans NFL Ticket: Indianapolis Colts NFL Ticket: JacksonvilleJaguars NFL Ticket: Kansas City Chiefs NFL Ticket: Los Angeles Chargers NFL Ticket: Los Angeles Rams NFL Ticket: Miami Dolphins NFL Ticket: Minnesota Vikings NFL Ticket: New England Patriots NFL Ticket: New Orleans Saints NFL Ticket: New York Giants NFL Ticket: New York Jets NFL Ticket: Oakland Raiders NFL Ticket: Philadelphia Eagles NFL Ticket: Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Ticket: San Francisco 49ers NFL Ticket: Seattle Seahawks NFL Ticket: Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Ticket: Tennessee Titans NFL Ticket: Washington Redskins NFL01: (LIVE) NFL02: (LIVE) NFL03: (LIVE) NFL04: (LIVE) NFL05: (LIVE) NFL06: (LIVE) NFL07: (LIVE) NFL08: (LIVE) NFL09: (LIVE) NFL10: (LIVE) NFL11: (LIVE) NFL12: (LIVE) [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”NHL CENTER ICE” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]

NHL Network HD NHL 1 HD (LIVE) NHL 2 HD (LIVE) NHL 3 HD (LIVE) NHL 4 HD (LIVE) NHL 5 HD (LIVE) NHL 6 HD (LIVE) NHL 7 HD (LIVE) NHL 8 HD (LIVE) NHL 9 HD (LIVE) NHL 11 HD (LIVE) NHL 10 HD (LIVE) NHL 12 HD (LIVE) NHL 13 HD (LIVE) US: NHL 1 Detroit Red Wings US: NHL 2 Colorado Avalanche US: NHL 3 New York Islanders US: NHL 4 Columbus Blue Jackets US: NHL 5 Minnesota Wild US: NHL 6 New York Rangers US: NHL 7 Toronto Maple Leafs US: NHL 8 Chicago Blackhawks US: NHL 9 Ottawa Senators US: NHL 10 Montreal Canadiens US: NHL 11 Tampa Bay Lightning US: NHL 12 Washington Capital US: NHL 13 Carolina Hurricanes US: NHL 14 Nashville Predators US: NHL 15 Arizona Coyotes US: NHL 16 St Louis Blues US: NHL 17 Vancouver Edmonton Oilers US: NHL 18 Vancouver Canucks US: NHL 19 San Jose Sharks US: NHL 20 Anaheim Ducks US: NHL 21 New Jersey Devils US: NHL 22 Pittsburgh Penguins US: NHL 23 Florida Panthers US: NHL 24 Winnipeg Jets US: NHL 25 Philadelphia Flyers US: NHL 26 Calgary Flames US: NHL 27 Los Angeles Kings US: NHL 28 Boston Bruins US: NHL 29 Buffalo Sabres US: NHL 30 Dallas Stars

[/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”UFC FIGHT PASS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]UFC Fight Pass HD UFC LIVE HD UFC 1 HD UFC 2 HD UFC 3 HD UFC 4 HD UFC 5 HD UFC 6 HD UFC 7 HD UFC 8 HD UFC 9 HD UFC 10 HD [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”INTERNATIONAL SPORTS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]US: Bein Sports HD US: Bein Sports 1 US: Bein Sports 2 US: Bein Sports 3 US: Bein Sports 4 US: Bein Sports 5 US: Bein Sports 6 US: Bein Sports 7 US: Bein Sports 8 US: Bein Sports 9 US: Bein Sports 10 La: Bein Sport Ñ HD LA: Bein Sports Ñ 1080 ES: Bein Sport Spain HD ES: Bein Sports La Liga FHD Arabic: Bein Sports HD Arabic: Bein Sports 1 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 2 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 3 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 4 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 5 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 6 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 7 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 8 HD Arabic : beIN Sports 9 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 10 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 11 HD (English) Arabic: Bein Sports 12 HD (English) Arabic: Bein Sports 13 HD Arabic: Bein Sports 14 HD (French) Arabic: Bein Sports 15 HD (French) Arabic: Bein Sports 16 HD (French) Arabic: Bein Sports 17 HD (Espanol) FR: Bein Sport 1 FHD FR: Bein Sports 2 FHD FR: Bein Sports 3 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 4 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 5 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 6 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 7 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 8 FHD FR: Bein Sports Max 9 FHD TR: Bein Sports Haber HD TR: Bein Sports HD 1 FHD TR: Bein Sports HD 2 FHD (French) TR: Bein Sports HD 3 FHD TR: Bein Sports HD 4 FHD TR: Bein Sports Max 1 FHD TR: Bein Sports Max 2 FHD TR: Bein Sports 4 EXTRA Eleven Sports 1 (Belgium FR) Eleven Sports 1 (Belgium NL) Eleven Sports 1 (Poland) Eleven Sports 1 (Taiwan) Eleven Sports 2 (Belgium FR) Eleven Sports 2 (Belgium NL) Eleven Sports 2 (Poland) Eleven Sports 2 (Taiwan) Eleven Sports 3 (Belgium FR) Eleven Sports 3 (Belgium NL) Eleven Sports 3 (Poland) Eleven Sports La liga 24/7 (UK) Eleven Sports Prime (Taiwan) TR: Bein Sports 4K FHD UK: Motors TV UK: BT HD 1 UK: BT HD 2 UK: BT HD 3 UK: BT SPORTS 1 HD UK: BT SPORTS 2 HD UK: BT SPORTS 3 HD UK: BoxNation UK: BoxNation HD UK: BT ESPN HD UK: Premier Sports UK: Premier Sports HD UK: Racing UK HD UK: Eurosport 1 HD UK: Eurosport 2 HD UK: My Fight Box HD UK: At The Races UK: Racing UK UK: eir Sport 1 UK: eir Sport 2 UK: BT SPORT ESPN UK: BT SPORT 1 UK: BT SPORT 2 UK: BT SPORT 3 UK: BT Sport Extra 1 UK: BT Sport Extra 2 UK: BT Sport Extra 3 UK: BT Sport Extra 4 UK: BT Sport Extra 5 UK: Eleven Sports HD UK: Skynet Sports HD. UK: Skynet Sports 1 UK: Skynet Sports 2 UK: Skynet Sports 3 UK: SkyNet Sports 4 UK: Skynet Sports 5 UK: SkyNet Sports 6 UK: LFC HD UK: Sky Sports Main Event FHD UK: Sky Sports Cricket FHD UK: Sky Sports Action FHD UK: Sky Sports Golf FHD UK: Sky Sports Football FHD UK: Sky Sports Arena FHD UK: Sky Sports Premier League FHD UK: Sky Sports Mix FHD UK: Sky Sports News FHD UK: Sky Sports F1 FHD UK: Sky Sports 1 Main Event HD UK: Sky Sports 2 Cricket HD UK: Sky Sports 3 Action HD UK: Sky Sports 4 Golf HD UK: Sky Sports 5 Football HD UK: Sky Sports Arena HD UK: Sky Sports Football HD UK: Sky Sports News HD UK: Sky Sports Mix HD UK: SKY SPORTS F1 HD UK: SKY SPORTS Main Event HD UK: SKY SPORTS Action HD UK: Sky Sports Cricket HD UK: SKY SPORTS Golf HD UK: SKY SPORTS 1 UK: SKY SPORTS 2 UK: SKY SPORTS 3 UK: SKY SPORTS 4 UK: SKY SPORTS 5 UK: Sky Sports Box Office HD UK: Sky Sports Box Office PPV UK: Sky Sports Premiere League HD UK: Sky Sports Red Button 01 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 02 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 03 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 04 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 05 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 06 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 07 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 08 UK: Sky Sports Red Button 09 FOX SPORTS ASIA HD 2 FOX SPORTS ASIA HD 3 LE Sports Now HK 1 HD LE Sports Now HK 1 FHD LE Sports Now HK 2 HD LE Sports Now HK 2 FHD LE Sports Now HK 3 HD LE Sports Now HK 3 FHD LE Sports Now HK 4 HD LE Sports Now HK 4 FHD LE Sports Now HK 5 HD LE Sports Now HK 5 FHD LE Sports Now HK 6 HD LE Sports Now HK 6 FHD LE Sports Now HK 7 HD LE Sports Now HK 7 FHD LE Sports Now HK 8 HD LE Sports Now HK 8 FHD LE Sports Now HK 9 HD LE Sports Now HK 9 FHD LE Sports Now HK 10 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 1 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 2 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 3 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 4 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 5 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 6 HD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 8 FHD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 9 FHD DE: Sky Sport Bundesliga 10 HD DE: SKY SPORT BUNDESLIGA HD 10 (Match Time) DE: SKY SPORT BUNDESLIGA HD 8 (Match Time) DE: SKY Bundes Liga 1 DE: Sky Bundasliga HD DE: SKY BUNDESLIGA 1 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 2 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 3 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 4 HD (match time) DE: Sky BundesLiga 5 (MATCH TIME) DE: Sky Bundesliga 5 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 6 HD DE: SKY BUNDESLIGA 7 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 7 Match TIME DE: Sky Bundesliga 8 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 9 HD DE: Sky Bundesliga 10 Match TIME DE: Sky Sport 1 HD DE: Sky Sport 1 US HD DE: Sky Sport 2 HD DE: Sky Sport 3 HD DE: Sky Sport 4 HD DE: Sky Sport 5 HD DE: Sky Sport 6 HD DE: Sky Sport 7 HD DE: Sky Sport 8 HD DE: Sky Sport 9 HD DE: Sky Sport 10 HD DE: SKY SPORT AUSTIA DE: Sky Sport Austria HD DE: Sky Fu DE: Sky Sport News HD DE: Sky Sport Ryder Cup HD IT: Sky Calcio 1 HD IT: Sky Calcio 2 HD IT: Sky Calcio 3 HD IT: Sky Calcio 4 HD IT: Sky Calcio 5 HD IT: Sky Calcio 6 HD IT: Sky Calcio 7 HD IT: SKY Calcio 8 HD IT: Sky Calcio 9 HD IT: Sky Sport 1 FHD IT: Sky Sport 10 HD IT: Sky Sport 2 HD IT: Sky Sport 24 FHD IT: Sky Sport 24 IT IT: Sky Sport 3 HD IT: Sky Sport 6 HD IT: Sky Sport 7 HD IT: Sky Sport 9 HD IT: Sky Sport Arena HD IT: SKY SPORT DUE HD IT: Sky Sport F1 FHD IT: Sky Sport Football HD IT: Sky Sport Formula 1 HD IT: Sky Sport Golf HD IT: Sky Sport HD IT: Sky Sport International Champions Cup HD IT: Sky Sport Moto GP FHD IT: Sky Sport NBA HD IT: Sky Sport Serie A FHD IT: Sky Sport UNO HD IT: Sky Super Calcio HD UK: SKY SPORTS Premier League HD UK| Sky Sports Premier League FHD UK| Sky Sports Premier League HD Flow Sports HD Flow Sports Premier Plus HD Flow Sports 2 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 1 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 2 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 3 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 4 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 5 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 6 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 7 HD Flow Sports Premier Plus 8 HD Astro Sports 1 HD Astro Sports 2 HD Astro Sports 3 HD Astro Sports 4 HD Astro Sports 5 HD Astro Sports 6 HD Astro Sports 7 HD Astro Sports 8 HD Astro Sports 9 HD Astro Sports 10 HD Astro Sports 11 HD Astro Sports 12 HD EFL: ifollow 1 EFL: ifollow 2 EFL: ifollow 3 EFL: ifollow 4 EFL: ifollow 5 EFL: ifollow 6 EFL: ifollow 7 EFL: ifollow 8 EFL: ifollow 9 EFL: ifollow 10 EFL: ifollow 11 EFL: ifollow 12 EFL: ifollow 13 UK: EPL 1 (matchday only) UK: EPL 2 (matchday only) UK: EPL 3 (matchday only) UK: EPL 4 (matchday only) UK: EPL 5 (matchday only) UK: EPL 6 (matchday only) UK: EPL 7 (matchday only) UK: EPL 8 (matchday only) UK: TSN 1 HD (3pm kick offs) UK: TSN 2 HD (3pm kick offs) UK: TSN 3 HD (3pm kick offs) UK: TSN 4 HD (3pm kick offs) UK: TSN 5 HD (3pm kick offs) US: Fox Soccer Match Pass 1 FHD (Match Time Only) US: Fox Soccer Match Pass 3 FHD (Match Time Only) US: Fox Soccer Match Pass 4 FHD (Match Time Only) US: Fox Soccer Match Pass 5 FHD (Match time only) SCT : Aberdeen FC TV HD ( LIVE ON MATCHES ) UK: ABERDEEN TV (Match time Only) SCT : Celtic FC TV HD ( LIVE ON MATCHES ) SCT: Celtic FC TV HD ( LIive On Matches ) UK : CELTIC TV (LIVE MATCHES ONLY) UK| CELTIC TV BU (Match time Only) UK| CELTIC TV BU2 (Match time Only) UK: Chelsea FC TV HD SCT: Dundee FC TV HD ( LIVE ON MATCHES ) UK: DUNDEE TV (Match time Only) UK: Everton TV (Match time Only) UK: HEARTS TV (Match time Only) UK: HIBS TV (Match time Only) UK: Leeds FC TV (Live For Matches) UK: Leeds FC TV BU (Live For Matches) BU UK: Liverpool FC TV HD UK: LFC TV BU UK| LFC TV UK: MUTV HD UK: Manchester United TV UK: NEWCASTLE TV (Live For Matches UK: PARTICK THISLTE TV (Match time Only) UK: Rangers FC TV HD( LIVE ON MATCHES) UK : RANGERS TV (LIVE MATCHES ONLY) UK| RANGERS TV (Match time Only) UK| RANGERS TV BU (Match time Only) UK| RANGERS TV BU2 (Match time Only) UK: Red FC TV HD( LIVE ON MATCHES ) US: NBC GOLD FHD 1 US: NBC GOLD FHD 2 US: NBC GOLD FHD 3 US: NBC GOLD FHD 4 US: NBC GOLD FHD 5 US: NBC GOLD FHD 6 US: NBC GOLD FHD 7 SPORTS : CANAL FUTBALL HD ES: Barca TV US: Fox Soccer Plus HD BR: SporTV FHD ES: La Liga TV FHD ES: La Liga TV Bar FHD ES: Real Madrid MX: UFC HD MX: Azteca Deportes HD MX: TDN HD MX: Univision TDN HD La: Afizionados TV HD La: Univision Deportes HD La: ESPN Deportes 1080 LA: ESPN Deportes 720 MX: ESPN HD. MX: ESPN HD TP MX: ESPN 3 HD TP MX: ESPN NETWORK HD TP MX: ESPN PLUS HD TP MX: ESPN Deportes HD MX: ESPN 2 HD TP MX: ESPN U HD CO: ESPN 1 HD CO: ESPN 2 HD (fixed) CO: ESPN 3 FHD CO: ESPN Plus HD La: ESPN 2 HD La: ESPN 3 HD La: ESPN HD MX: Fox Sports 1 HD TP MX: Fox Sports 2 HD TP MX: Fox Sports 3 HD TP LA: FoxSports 1 Cono Sur LA: FoxSports 2 Cono Sur LA: FoxSports 3 Cono Sur LA: FoxSports 1 Cono Norte LA: FoxSports 2 Cono Norte LA: FoxSports 3 Cono Norte CO: Fox Sports 1 HD Col CO: Fox Sports 1 FHD CO: Fox Sports 2 FHD CO: Fox Sports 3 HD LA: Fox Sports 1 Centro America HD LA: Fox Sports 2 Centro America HD LA: Fox Sports 3 Centro America HD LA: Fox Sports 1 Sur America HD LA: Fox Sports 2 Sur America HD LA: Fox Sports 3 Sur America HD LA: Fox Sports 2 HD LA: Fox Sports 3 HD La: Fox Deportes HD BR: Fox Sports 1 HD BR: FOX Sports 2 HD LA: GolTV HD LA: GolTV MX: PX SPORTS HD MX: TVC Deportes HD MX: TVC Deportes HD 1080 MX: Golf Channel HD MX: Golf Latin America HD CO: WIN Sports CO: Claro Sports FHD CO: Claro Sports Colombia HD CO: Claro Sports Latin America FHD La: TYC HD Sports LA: TyC Sports HD LA: Movistar Deportes La: AYM Sports LA: CNT Sports LA: Directv Sport + LA: Directv Sport 2 ES: Movistar Deportes 1 FHD ES: Movistar Deportes 2 FHD ES: TELEDEPORTE ES: Movistar Golf HD [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”PPV EVENTS” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]PPV: 1080 (LIVE) PPV: 720 (LIVE) PPV: SD (LIVE) [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”LATINO” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]LA: Estrella TV HD La: Galavision HD LA: Univision HD LA: Univision Network LA: Univision Dallas HD LA: Univision DC HD LA: Univision Georgia HD LA: Univision Hawaii HD LA: Univision Miami HD LA: Univision New York HD LA: Univision Las Vegas HD LA: Univision Los Angeles HD LA: Univision Phoenix HD LA: Univision San Francisco HD LA: Univision Telenovelas HD LA: Telemundo HD LA: Telemundo Atlantic City HD LA: Telemundo Boston HD LA: Telemundo Chicago HD LA: Telemundo Dallas HD LA: Telemundo DC HD LA: Telemundo Denver HD LA: Telemundo Fresno HD LA: Telemundo Harlingen-Brownsville LA: Telemundo Houston HD LA: Telemundo Las Vegas HD LA: Telemundo Los Angeles HD LA: Telemundo Mcallen HD LA: Telemundo Miami HD La: Telemundo New York LA: Telemundo Philadelphia HD LA: Telemundo Phoenix HD LA: Telemundo Rio Grande LA: Telemundo Salt Lake City LA: Telemundo San Antonio HD LA: Telemundo San Francisco HD La: Telemundo Tucson HD LA: Telemundo LA: Unimas HD LA: Unimas Dallas HD LA: Unimas Georgia HD LA: Unimas Hawaii HD LA: Unimas Miami HD LA: Unimas New York HD LA: Unimas Washington HD LA: Unimas Las Vegas HD LA: Unimas Los Angeles HD LA: Unimas Philadelphia HD PR: Univision Puerto Rico PR: Telemundo Puerto Rico PR: WAPA PR: WAPA 2 PR: NBC Puerto Rico PR: Mega TV Puerto Rico LA: WORO-TV Teleoro Canal 13 PR PR: WIPR Canal 6 Puerto Rico LA: Cuba Max LA: Cuba Play LA: SonLIfe Broadcastin Network HD (Christian) LA: CB24 Nolticias Centro America LA: Ultra Cine HD LA: HD LA: Ultra Docu HD LA: Ultra Familia HD LA: Ultra Fiesta HD LA: Ultra Film HD LA: Ultra Luna HD LA: Ultra Macho HD LA: Ultra Mex HD LA: Ultra Tainment HD LA: (FHD) BABY TV LA: (FHD) FOX Action LA: (FHD) FOX Cinema LA: (FHD) FOX Classics LA: (FHD) FOX Comedy LA: (FHD) FOX Family LA: (FHD) FOX Movies LA: (FHD) FOX Series LA: (FHD) NAT GEO WILD LA: Fox HD La: HBO HD 1080 La: HBO 2 HD La: HBO Plus La: HBO Family La: HBO Signature La: Cinemax FHD La: Max HD La: Max Prime La: Max Prime 2 La: Max UP HD LA: Fox Movies HD LA: AMC HD La: Cinecanal HD LA: AXN HD LA: FX FHD LA: TNT HD LA: Nat Geo HD LA: Nat Geo Mundo HD LA: Nat Geo Wild HD LA: Fox Life 1080 LA: NBC Universo HD La: Sony Channel HD LA: Discovery Channel HD LA: Discovery Home & Health HD LA: Nickelodeon HD La: Cartoon Network HD LA: Food Network La: Discovery Science La: Animal Planet La: AXN La: Boomerang La: A&E Latino La: Cartoon Network La: Discovery Channel HD 1080 La: Comedy Central HD La: E! HD La: Investigation Discovery La: Discovery Theater HD 1080 La: Discovery Turbo La: Disney Channel La: Disney JR La: Discovery Civilization La: FX La: Fox La: Fox Cinema HD 1080 La: Fox Classics La: Fox Life La: Lifetime La: Nat Geo Wild La: NICK Jr HD La: Nick Toons La: MTV Hits La: Fox Action HD La: Warner La: Sony Channel La: Space La: Studio Universal La: Discovery Kids La: VH1 HD La: Nickelodeon La: Tooncast La: Nat Geo La: Glitz La: Golden La: Golden Edge La: El Gourmet La: H2 La: History Channel HD La: Tru Tv La: Universal Channel La: Fox Movies La: Telenovelas La: TNT Series La: Disney XD La: TNT La: TLC La: TCM La: SyFy La: Cinecanal Plus La: De Pelicula LA: TBS La: Paramount Channel La: Fox Comedy La: FOX Family HD LA: Fox Series HD LA: Nick 2 La: VH1 Classics LA: MTV Music LA: Discovery Home & Health LA: Az Corazon LA: Cinemax LA: Travel HD LA: El Trece La: TVE HD La: CDF Premium La: DW Español Alemania La: Garage TV LA: 4 RTVD La: TV Marti La: Aristegui Noticias LA: A3 Series HD La: El Financiero Bloomberg La: Canal 38 Carnaval La: Promar La: TopLatino La: VTV La: Wobi La: Teleformula La: Sundance TV La: Ritmoson La: Capital TV La: ADN 40 HD La: Az Click HD La: CGTN LA: Tele Amazonas LA: TC Television LA: RTS La: Canal 2 Nicaragua La: Distrito Comedia LA: Gama TV LA: Fix and Foxi LA: Gran Cine LA: Insight TV HD LA: Latin Angels HD LA: Mi Planeta LA: Mis Peliculas LA: Moolt HD LA: Romance Channel HD LA: Showbuisness HD LA: Sorpresa LA: Tarima HD LA: Zee Mundo HD [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”CARIBBEAN” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]CAR: BASHMENT JAMAICA CAR: ESTV CAR: FAME RADIO LIVE JAMAICA CAR: FAMILIA DE LAFER PUERTO RICO CAR: GBN (Grenada) CAR: GRENADA FAMILY NETWORK CAR: GTN PUERTO RICO CAR: HOPE CHANNEL (PR) CAR: JNN JAMAICA CAR: MTM JAMAICA CAR: NAGO TV HAITI CAR: NEVISTV ST.KITTS NEVIS CAR: ONE CARIBBEAN TV CAR: PARLIMENT (Bahamas) CAR: RETV JAMAICA CAR: SPORTSMAX CAR: SPORTSMAX2 CAR: STORM TV (Haiti) CAR: TVJ JAMAICA CAR: TVJ SPORTS JAMAICA CAR: WSVI TV 8 CAR: ZIZ TV ST.KITTS CAR: ZNS 13 (Bahamas) | HD CAR: BASHMENT 2 JAMAICA CAR: BEBLACK CARIBBEAN CAR: CARIBVISION CAR: CATCH CAR: CATCH 2 CAR: CBC TV 8 CAR: CBN-TV BVI CAR: CDM INTERNATIONAL (PR) CAR: CNC3 TRINIDAD CAR: CNS 6 GUYANA CAR: CVM Jamaica CAR: FLOW SPORTS 1 CAR: GBN GRENADA CAR: GBV JAMAICA CAR: HJTV GUYANA CAR: HYPE TV JAMAICA CAR: ISLAND LUCK TV CAR: ISLAND TV HAITI CAR: JNN JAMAICA CAR: MELLO TV CAR: NAGO TV CAR: NEVIS TV CAR: QXM CAR: RE TV JAMAICA CAR: SPORTSMAX 2 CAR: SPORTSMAX CRICKET CAR: SPORTSMAX PLUS CAR: TIN TV TRINIDAD CAR: TRIDENT 10 CAR: TRINIDAD PARLIAMENT CAR: TRINITY TV CAR: TV JAAGRITI CAR: TVG28 GUYANA CAR: TVJ (Jamaica) CAR: TVJ SPORTS JAMAICA CAR: WSVI TV WEATHER CAR: ZIZ ST KITTS HD CAR: ZNS Bahamas HD CAR:CANEL 11 (Haiti) | SD CAR:GINEN (Haiti) | SD CAR:LOUANGE (Haiti) | SD CAR:PLANET COMPASS (Haiti) | HD CAR:RTVC (Haiti) | SD CAR:TELE ECLAIR (Haiti) | SD CAR:TELE SUPERSTAR- HAITI CAR:HAITI TELE BOSTON RADIO | SD CAR:TRIPOTAY LAKAY (Haiti) | SD CAR:FAMILIA DE LAFER- PUERTO RICO CAR:HOPE CHANNEL- PUERTO RICO CAR:HYPE TV JAMAICA CAR:ISLAND LUCK TV (Bahamas) | HD CAR:NEVISTV- ST.KITTS NEVIS CAR:WSVI-TV 8 CAR:ZIZ TV- ST.KITTS [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”AFRICAN” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]AF: Nollywood Movies TV AF: NollyWood TV AF: Nolllywood TV (French) AF: 2 STV AF: 218 TV AF: 2M Monde AF: 2M TV AF: 2STV 1 AF: 2STV (Senegal) AF: 3ABN Fran AF: 3ABN International AF: 3ABN KIDS AF: 7 Entertainment TV (Senegal) AF: 7TV (Senegal) AF: A AF: A2i Music (Senegal) AF: A2i TV (Senegal) AF: ABN TV AF: ABUNDANT GRACE TV AF: ACBN (Mijer) AF: Action Sports 4U AF: ACTS TV AF: Adom TV AF: AFRICA 24 AF: Africa Cable TV AF: Africa International University TV AF: Africa News AF: Africa News 24 (France) AF: Africa TV 1 AF: Africa TV 2 AF: Africa TV 3 AF: AFRICA TV 4 AF: Africable (Mali) AF: AFRICAN ENTERTAIMENT TV AF: Afrique Media TV AF: AFRO MUSIC CHANNEL AF: AIT AF: AIT International HD AF: Akonobea TV (Ghana) AF: AlAzhar Touba AF: AlHorreya TV AF: AlJazeera AF: AlMouridiya TV AF: Alsace 20 TV AF: Amazing Discoveries TV AF: Amen TV AF: American Movies HD AF: AMHARA TV (Ethiopia) AF: Angel TV Africa 3 AF: ANTENNE A AF: Apple Sauce TV (Togo) AF: Arise News HD AF: ARSENAL TV AF: ASAEDA TV AF: Asfiyahi TV AF: Ashanti 24 TV AF: Ashorooq (Sudan) AF: ATINKA TV AF: AutoPlay AF: AYV TV Sierra Leone AF: B-ONE AF: B4U PLUS AF: Bblack Africa AF: Bblack Carrabean AF: BBlack Classik AF: BCTV AF: BEN TV AF: BET AF: BF1 AF: Biafra (Nigeria) AF: Biafra 1 (Nigeria) AF: Biafra 2 (Nigeria) AF: Bichri TV AF: biptv AF: Black Music Artist TV AF: Blue Nile (Sudan) AF: Bride TV (Nigeria) AF: BTV AF: Burkina Info AF: C News AF: CANAL Sport 1 AF: Canal Sport 2 AF: Canal Sport FR AF: CANAL CVV AF: CANAL2 (Cameroon) AF: CANAL2 English (Cameroon) AF: CANAL2 International (Cameroon) AF: CANAL2 MOVIES (Cameroon) AF: Cartoons 4U AF: Catholic TV AF: CFTV AF: CGTN Africa AF: CGTN English AF: Channel 24 AF: Channels Television (Nigeria) AF: Channels24 (Nigeria) AF: CHELSEA TV AF: Chiconi TV (Mayotte) AF: Chosen TV AF: Christian TV (RTV) AF: Cine Plus Africa (Ghana) AF: CisTV AF: Citizen TV (Kenya) AF: Classic TV 4U AF: CNA AF: Comedy Channel AF: Congo Planete TV AF: Cooking 4U AF: Cosmos TV (Togo) AF: Country Music 4U AF: CRTV NEWS AF: CRTV TV AF: D24 AF: D5TV AF: Dabanga (Sudan) AF: Dare To Dream AF: Dayax TV (Somali) AF: DBMTV AF: DBS (Cameroon) AF: Deliverance TV AF: DESCO TV AF: Diaspora 24 (Senegal) AF: Dieu TV AF: Digital Black Music AF: Digital Congo TV AF: Documentaries 4U AF: Dove TV (Nigeria) AF: Dream TV AF: DRTV AF: DTV (Senegal) AF: DUA TV AF: Dunamis TV (Nigeria) AF: EBC TV (Ethiopia) AF: EBONYLIFE TV AF: Ebru Africa AF: EJTV TV AF: Eko4Show AF: EL MOURITANIYA AF: El Padrino The Godfather 3 AF: Elohi TV (Ethiopia) AF: EMCI TV AF: Emmanuel TV AF: Enlace AF: EQUINOXE (Cameron) AF: EQUINOXE (Cameroon) AF: Eri TV (Eritrea) AF: Eryal TV (Somali) AF: Espace TV AF: ESTV AF: ET AF: ETN AF: ETV Entertainment (Somali) AF: ETV NEWS (Somali) AF: Euronews AF: Exercise 4U AF: FAITH TV AF: Fashion TV AF: FLAMING SWORD TV AF: France 24 AF: France info AF: FuFu Kitchen AF: FusionPlus TV AF: Gabon TV AF: GALAXY TV AF: Galmudug (Somali) AF: GBC24 AF: GEB America AF: Generations TV AF: GH Canada TV AF: GH ONE TV AF: Ghana Broadcasting Corp AF: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation AF: Ghana Entertainment Channel TV AF: Ghana Kessben TV AF: GHTV AF: GHTV Abroad AF: GHTV HOLLAND AF: GHTV Online AF: GISPORTSTV AF: God TV Africa AF: Going To War AF: Gospel Channel (Nigeria) AF: Gospel Music & Productions AF: Gospel Music 4U AF: Grand Lille TV AF: GRTS (Gambia) AF: GTV (Ghana) AF: GTV 2 TV AF: GTV GOV TV AF: GTV SPORTS AF: Guin AF: Hadi TV 1 AF: Hadi TV 3 AF: Hadi TV 4 AF: Hadi TV 5 AF: Hadi TV2 AF: Hadi TV6 AF: Healing Jesus TV AF: Hillsong Channel AF: Hit TV AF: Holy Spirit TV (Ethiopia) AF: HOME BASE TV AF: Hope Channel TV AF: House Of Refuge AF: i24 News AF: IBN TV (Tanzania) AF: ID Fashion HD AF: Igboro TV AF: ImpacTV AF: Inooro TV (Kenya) AF: ITV (Tanzania) AF: ITV Networks AF: Jesus TV AF: JOY NEWS (Ghana) AF: JOY PRIME (Ghana) AF: JUBALAND TV (Somalia) AF: Jubbaland (Somali) AF: JUCE TV AF: K24 TV (Kenya) AF: Kajou TV AF: Kalsan TV (Somali) AF: KANA TV (Ethiopia) AF: Kantanka TV AF: Kartoon Fun Time AF: Kass TV AF: Kathryn Raakers World TV AF: KBC KENYA AF: Kicc TV AF: Kingdom Impact Ministry AF: KingsWord TV AF: KingswordInfoTV AF: KTN (Kenya) AF: KTV (Sierra Leone) AF: KWANZA AF: L AF: Laayoune TV AF: Lamp Fall (Senegal) AF: Liberation TV AF: Libyas Channel AF: Life Destiny TV (South Africa) AF: LIGHT TV AF: Living Outdoors AF: LoveWorld Plus AF: LoveWorld SAT (Nigeria) AF: M7 (Mali) AF: MAISHA TV AF: MB Live TV AF: MBC Malawi TV AF: MBM TV AF: MDL AF: MEDI 1 TV Afrique AF: MEKAMELEEN TV AF: Metro TV AF: Monde Du Loisir TV AF: More Grace TV (Nigeria) AF: Mourchid tv (Senegal) AF: Mouride TV (Senegal) AF: MOUV TV AF: Movee 4U (Togo) AF: Music TV (Senegal) AF: MUSIC TV AFRICA HD AF: MY COMEDY AF: My Life 4U AF: MyHolyfield TV (Togo) AF: MyJam Music Network AF: Natural AF: NBS TV (Uganda) AF: Nejat TV AF: New Beginning 4U AF: New Beginning TV Network AF: Nile Cinema TV AF: Novelas TV AF: Novelos TV AF: nPowered TV (Togo) AF: NRB TV AF: NTA Haussa AF: NTA LIVE TV AF: NTA NEWS AF: NTV (Uganda) AF: NUSMILES TV AF: Oasis fm AF: OBICE TV AF: OBONUTV AF: Ole TFM AF: Omega Gospel TV AF: Once Spoken Network AF: Opportunity Knocks (Togo) AF: OROMIA TV (Ethiopia) AF: ORTB TV (Benini) AF: ORTM (Mali) AF: Ouest TV AF: PENTV (Ghana) AF: PeopleTV AF: PIWC APOSTLE AF: PIWC AUSTIN AF: Planet Cannabis Entertainment AF: PLTV (Somali) AF: Promise TV AF: Puntland TV (Somali) AF: Qacaid TV (Senegal) AF: Quran Hidayah TV (Somali) AF: Quran Kareem AF: QVC AF: RAVE TV AF: RDV TV AF: Really TV AF: Resurrection Television AF: ROK TV AF: ROYAL TV AF: RT FRANCE AF: RTb AF: RTG (Guinee) AF: RTG 18 AF: RTI 1 (Cote d ivoire) AF: RTI 2 (Cote d Ivoire) AF: RTM8 – TAMAZIGHE AF: RTN Congo TV AF: RTNC TV AF: RTS 1 (Senegal) AF: RTS 2 (Senegal) AF: RTV (Rwanda) AF: Russia Today AF: Saab Somali TV AF: Salaam TV AF: SALSA TV AF: Salvation TV (Nigeria) AF: Sanga Music AF: Sanga Novlas AF: Sankofa TV AF: SBC TV AF: SBC TV (Somali) AF: Schekina Miracle TV AF: Sci-Fi 4U AF: Sen TV AF: Series TV AF: Set Free TV AF: She TV AF: Shopping 4U AF: SIERRA LEONE TV AF: Sigma TV AF: Silverbird TV AF: SLN TV (Somali) AF: Smile TV AF: SNTV (Somali) AF: Somali Africa TV4 AF: Somali Cable AF: Somali Jubbaland AF: Somali National TV AF: SOMALI SBC AF: Somalia Universal AF: Somaliland Nationa TV AF: Southern Gospel 4U AF: Spark (Uganda) AF: Spydar TV AF: Stad Afric TV AF: Star TV (Somalia) AF: Star TV (Tanzania) AF: Street Music 4U AF: Studio 1 TV (Ghana) AF: STV2 (Cameroon) AF: Sudan Drama AF: Sudan TV AF: Sudania 24 TV AF: Suivez SIKKA AF: Tanasuh TV AF: Tayba TV AF: TBN AFRICA AF: TBN UK AF: Tchad TV AF: TCI TV AF: TCV Cabo AF: TELE (Congo) AF: Tele (Tchad) AF: Tele 50 AF: Tele 6 Univers (Haiti) AF: TELE BOSTON AF: Tele Chad TV (Chad) AF: Tele Colombe AF: Tele Sud AF: TELEECOLE (Senegal) AF: TeleM TV (Rwanda) AF: TEMPO AF: Tempo Afric AF: Tempo Africa TV AF: TFC AF: TFM HD AF: TFM INFO AF: TFM OLE AF: TFM Regiona (Senegal) AF: TFM Religion AF: The Church Network AF: The good Father 1 AF: The Impact Network AF: TheoTV AF: TM2 TV AF: TMA TV AF: TOP TV AF: Touba Monde Bi AF: TOUBA TV AF: TOUBA TV (Senegal) AF: TPA (Angola) AF: TPA1 AF: TRACE AFRICA AF: TRACE GOSPEL AF: TRACE MISIKI AF: Trace Naija AF: Trace Sport Stars AF: TRACE TOPICAL AF: Trace Urbaine AF: Trace Urban AF: Traveling 4U AF: TV AFRICA AF: TV Continental (Nigeria) AF: TV Francophonie 24 AF: TV Man AF: TV Miramar (Mozambique) AF: TV Pitchoun AF: TV Slovenija 3 (Somali) AF: TV ZIMBO (Angola) AF: TV3 (Ghana) AF: TV360 AF: TV5 Afrique AF: TV5 Monde Afrique AF: TV5 Monde Amerique Latine AF: TV7 Colmar AF: TVC AF: TVC Entertainment AF: TVC News AF: TVGE Equatorial (Guinea) AF: TVM 1 AF: TVM 1 (Mozambique) AF: TVM 2 (Mozambique) AF: TVM est Parisien AF: TVM International AF: UBN TV (South Africa) AF: Universal TV (Somali) AF: Urban Music 4U AF: UTV (Ghana) AF: VHTV AF: Vision 4 TV AF: Vox Africa (FBS) HD AF: Walf TV (Senegal) AF: Wazobia TV (Nigeria) AF: WES AFRICA TV AF: Western4U TV Network AF: WLPC Detroit AF: Zim News 24 (Zimbabwe) [/et_pb_tab][et_pb_tab title=”CANADA” _builder_version=”3.0.98″ tab_font=”||||||||”]CA: A & E CA: ABC East SD CA: ABC HD CA: ABC SPARK CA: ABC Spark HD CA : ABC WEST CA: ACTION HD CA: ADDIK SD CA: ADDIK TV (FR) HD CA : AHC CA : AMC CA: AMC HD CA: AMC FHD CA: Animal Planet HD CA : ANIMAL PLANET CA : APTN CA: APTN HD CA : ARTV CA: ARTV (FR) HD CA: Assembl CA : BBC CANADA CA: BBC CANADA HD CA: BBC KIDS HD CA: BBC Toronto CA: BBC World News HD CA: BBC WORLD NEWS SD CA: BET CA: BNN HD CA: BNN FHD* CA : BOOK TV CA: Bravo HD CA: BRAVO SD CA: CANAL D (Fench) HD CA: CANAL SAVOIR SD* CA: Cartoon NetWork HD CA: CARTOON NETWORK HD* CA: CASA (French) CA: CBC HD CA: CBC ATLANTIC FHD CA: CBC FRENCH HD* CA: CBC MONTREAL (French) CA: CBC MONTREAL SD CA:CBC NEWS NETWORK HD CA: CBC NEWS TORONTO FHD* CA: CBC OTTAWA SD CA: CBC VANCOUVER HD* CA: CBS HD CA: CBS EAST HD CA: CBC News Network HD CA: CHCH HD** CA: CINEPOP ( French ) SD CA: CITY MONTREALSD CA: CITY TV TORONTO HD* CA: CNN HD CA: COMEDY EAST HD CA: COMEDY GOLD HD CA: COMEDY HD CA : COSMO CA : COTTAGE LIFE HD CA: COOKING CHANNEL SD* CA : CPAC CA:CPAC HD CA: CPAC HD CA: CP 24 HD CA: CP24 HD* CA: CITY HD CA:CRIME INVESTIGATION SD CA: Create HD CA: CTV CA: CTV HD CA: CTV ATLANTIC CA: CTV 2 VANCOUVER FHD CA: CTV KITCHENER HD** CA: CTV NEWS TORONTO HD CA: CTV OTTAWA SD CA: CTV VANCOUVER FHD CA: CTV2 OTTAWA SD CA : CTV HALIFAX CA : CTV NEWS NETWORK CA : CTV TWO FHD** CA: CTV TORONTO HD CA: CW HD CA: CW 11 HD CA: DAYSTAR TV FHD CA: DAYSTAR TV SD CA: DEJAVIEW HD CA: DISCOVERY CANADA HD CA: DISCOVERY SCIENCE HD* CA: DISCOVERY VELOCITY HD CA: DISNEY CANADA HD CA: DISNEY CHANNEL HD CA: DISNEY HD CA: DISNEY JR CA: DISNEY JR HD CA: Disney XD HD CA: DISNEY (French) SD CA: DIY NETWORK HD CA: DOCUMENTARY HD CA: DTOUR SD CA: E! FHD CA: E! 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